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Technology makes CPR practice feel real

29th August 2017 0 comment
 The Clinical Skills Centre, a unique health care learning environment, has begun operating. Health care students can practise their skills at the Centre together with medical students and professionals in the field.


The Centre is a joint project between TAMK, the University of Tampere and Pirkanmaa Hospital District. It is currently the only learning environment of its size in Finland that is operated by a university of applied sciences, a university as well as a regional hospital district.

The Clinical Skills Centre has six learning areas, which consist of simulation and debriefing rooms. The Centre also has facilities for students to hone their clinical skills, like inserting a cannula and other health care procedures that call for a practised hand.


Real-life situations are practised with dolls, whose reactions are surprisingly real, thanks to modern technology. Usually, three students practise with a doll in the simulation room. Their teacher gives them instructions from the control room. The other students watch what goes on in the simulation room on a TV screen in a debriefing room.







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