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Quality of education has to be assured

22nd July 2015 0 comment

The quality of education is an important topic in the Finnish higher education. We think highly of education and its influence on our society and welfare. In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is top of the class!

The quality of Finnish higher education institutions is overseen carefully, and it is evaluated through a quality audit system. According to the audit criteria, it is very important that development of teaching is included in the quality assurance system.

At TAMK, quality assurance is an integral part of our operations and processes. Our quality work is based on five principles: openness, cooperation, sharing, mutual dependence and honesty. We are developing teaching, learning environments, and RDI activities according to these rules.

“Our quality work is based on five principles: openness, cooperation, sharing, mutual dependence and honesty.”

Higher education institutions react to the needs of the society, business and industry in their curricula and teaching. That is why we need up-to-date knowledge concerning the needs of working life. As a tool we have an advisory board system (read more in the guest column on page XX) and good connections to companies and communities both on internal and international level. By cooperating with our partners, we will receive and create plenty of new knowledge and expertise.

The main focus areas in our quality assurance are learning and learning outcomes, and therefore we need curricula, which produce future competences. Our mission is to facilitate development of the competencies both on individual and regional levels.

We need to look to the future and be aware of the changes that are ongoing and coming. In order to be flexible in the rapidly changing environment, we need a constant and continuing quality assessment and readiness to take corrective measures.

At the moment, digitalization and its influence is a current issue. It will definitely change learning and teaching, but it may even change the role of higher education.


Päivi Karttunen
Vice President

The audit of TAMK’s quality system will be carried out in the autumn 2015. 


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