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Not just an ordinary seminar week

13th September 2018 0 comment
Students at TAMK’s Proakatemia organised their second international Academic Adventures seminar week that shed light on team learning. Besides collecting pedagogical ideas, the participants from all around the world had a chance to experience some Finnish culture and nature.


The Academic Adventures week in late May 2018 gathered around 40 participants sharing an interest in the learning model applied in Proakatemia. The programme was built on workshops as well as visits to companies of former Proakatemia students, a key network for the entrepreneurship study unit in TAMK.

– It was not any old boring seminar week but an adventure. We learned about dialogue, and participants from different fields and areas got new tools and ideas for their work. Team learning is trending, and the Proakatemia model has attracted interest in Austria, for example, where it will be implemented next year, says project manager and entrepreneurship student Reeta Vuotila.

The students collaborated with TAMK’s staff in organising the week at the Proakatemia campus. The crew that consisted of students took care of the arrangements, including ticket sales, communications, catering and other errands during the event. The trainers at Proakatemia facilitated the workshops.

– The participants have been amazed by the students’ motivation to organise a week like this. For my part, I wanted to be involved in the event because we are interested in team learning, internationalisation and education export, says Vuotila, a team member for the second time.


“We are interested in team learning, internationalisation and education exports.”


Lake cruises and sauna bathing

The second Academic Adventures week attracted university teachers from around the world, including European countries, Mexico and Brazil. During the week in Tampere, the participants also got to see the city, its sights, attractions and nightlife as well as learn about the Finnish culture and nature.

Among other things, the programme included a dinner cruise on Lake Pyhäjärvi just outside the city centre. The cruise included a visit to Viikinsaari island where the participants had a chance to go to the sauna and swim in the cool lake.

– All in all, it was a memorable week. We learned a lot but avoided an information overload, Vuotila concludes.

Read more and take part in the next event: academicadventures.fi/



Delicious blueberries can be picked from the Finnish forests.

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