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Keep your mind open and dare to learn

13th September 2018 0 comment
She had her own business before her studies. After a few years of working in different jobs, such as camera assistant and television host, Jasmine Pajari felt like getting higher education. Studying at TAMK turned out to be one of the most worthwhile periods of her life.


At TAMK, Pajari completed her degree in Film and Television. Media studies gave her valuable project management tools, and training places were a great way to network with media professionals.

– I have to say that this is one of the best things that have happened to me. Naturally, I was very motivated to study media because I already had a lot of working experience. But it’s equally important to do your best during your training, because it might open new chances for you in the future.

The learning facilities at Mediapolis is something that Pajari truly appreciates. Teachers as well as the environment have a great impact on students. The environment plays a particularly major role in media studies, which is such a creative and artistic branch to begin with.

– First, I want to say thank you to my thesis instructor Carolina Pajula. She is such an encouraging and inspiring person! She actually made me think that I would like to be that kind of a person someday. Secondly, TAMK’s Mediapolis campus has an open-minded and communal atmosphere that really makes learning new things possible.

International alumni in the spotlight

Who: Jasmine Pajari
Studies: Degree Programme in Film and Television
Expertise: TV and event production, radio, TV and event hosting


The environment plays a particularly major role in media studies, which is such a creative and artistic branch to begin with.”


Dare to learn

Just to prove Pajari’s right kind of attitude towards training, it actually has opened doors for her.

– My second training with Radio Finland was a huge step. I had always wanted to work as a radio host, and when I got a chance to do my practical training in Spain I didn’t think twice. It is difficult to get a job in radio in Finland, and that is why I was very thrilled to host my own radio show.

In Spain, Pajari got to know the SuperPesis team which was her next step. SuperPesis is an event where Finnish baseball teams play games in Fuengirola, Spain. The event was organised for the first time in April 2017. At that time, the games had almost 3,000 spectators.


– The first SuperPesis was a little bit risky, everything was new and nobody knew how it would work out. Luckily, it was a great success! I think these kinds of insane projects are made for me. You always learn something from new challenges and you should never be afraid of mistakes. The crazier the idea, the more it gives to you.

SuperPesis was organised again in spring 2018 and Pajari was still involved. The working team consisted of four people; Pajari took care of producing and the event marketing – the kind of things she is good at and for which she has an education. She believes that the future is full of options.

– At this moment, I just want to work. But who knows, maybe after a few years I might apply for a master’s degree, and I will most likely consider doing my master’s at TAMK.


You always learn something from new challenges and you should never be afraid of mistakes.”


Inspiring things keep you going

Alongside working, nature and hobbies keep Pajari’s mind relaxed. She is an avid swimmer and diver, which means that the sea has a special place in her heart. When speaking about diving, there is an excited smile in her face.

– Nature is an important part of my life and water is a special element for me. As a diver, I think seas are invaluable ecosystems for us. We really should take good care of them.

Pajari is also an enthusiastic motorcyclist and she dreams of a motorbike of her own as well as long rides. Speed and fast situations do not scare her, whether it is about work or free time.

– Usually the best moments come when you keep your mind open.



About the Birds and the Bees

About the Birds and the Bees is a short film produced by Jasmine Pajari as her final thesis in 2016. It is a warm, honest and funny story about a young couple and a small country village in Finland. The film has been quite successful in festivals around the world. It has won several awards, the most significant ones being the Grand Prix and the Prix du Public at the Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest in France. The tour continues…