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Ilkka Haukijärvi

It’s time to redefine ourselves

30th August 2016 0 comment
Digitalisation challenges us to develop as organisations in every domain and aspect.

What we are now and how we are to evolve in the era of digitalisation, presumes recognising the future landscape and our own vision of success, and then redefine ourselves. At TAMK, we chose to formally strategise digitalization late in 2014, and as of mid-2015 the planned digital strategy has started to materialise, as a result of collaborative and committed leadership.

TAMK’s digital strategy involves many different areas of development: curricula, flexibility, networks, cooperation, brand, staff competences, shared expertise, commercial education, learning environments, quality assurance, RDI, and digital services and open data. So far, it seems that we are on a right track. However, there is still a long journey ahead, which is why we need to maintain and exploit the gained momentum and sense of urgency.

Of course, even our best definitions of the vision and the strategies we build might prove unsuccessful, as no vision or strategy represents reality, being distorted by imperfect information and limited objectivity. Thus, we must constantly be open and bold to welcome sudden changes and uninvited surprises in the internal and external environment, to learn, and adapt accordingly.

Ilkka Haukijärvi
Development Manager, TAMK

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