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Higher education and work-life insight straight from Brazil

18th August 2017 0 comment
Markku Virri, the Finnish Ambassador in Brazil, has a comprehensive history with Brazil through his career choices.


How do work and higher education blend together in Brazil?

Brazilians are rather concerned about work-life skills that universities provide, for example in teacher training and pedagogy studies. This is due to the fact that teachers need to create a pedagogical toolbox for themselves following purely academic studies.

Brazilian higher education institutions provide extension studies and work-related postgraduate studies. Some 72 % of higher education is provided by private institutions where students can study after work from 7 to 11 pm.

Brazilian higher education institutions do not usually provide education or developmental services to companies. With some exceptions, there is a lack of this kind of cooperation.

What would you adapt from Finland in Brazil?

The lack of excessive amounts of reading in studies. Another good practice is the high level of competence and availability of teachers. Here in Brazil, most lecturers have a secondary job at universities. Many of them have principal jobs in the fields in which they teach and do not have pedagogical competence.

Picture above: TAMK and the Embassy of Finland in Brazil participated in Finland House (Rio 2016)promoting Finnish education and know-how.


And from Brazil to Finland?

Distance learning platforms and methods are widely used in Brazil because of the high number of students and the enormous size of the country. Finland could make studies more flexible by adapting more distance learning practices.




Markku Virri,
the Finnish Ambassador in Brazil

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