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Determination and an open mind can take you anywhere in life

30th August 2016 0 comment
Doina Mucundorfean is one of TAMK’s Alumni graduates in International Business. Although Tampere University of Applied Sciences wasn’t her first study option, it turned out to be the first and most important step in terms of her working life, as Doina recalls it.


Love and studies can sometimes go hand in hand. Doina’s own journey began in her home country, Romania, and nowadays, continues in Finland. It was actually her boyfriend, at the time, who found information about TAMK online and passed it on to Doina. The first photo she saw of Tampere also contributed to her decision.

– It was a city between two big lakes, the picture was taken during the summer and it just looked like heaven. A big city, and yet so close to nature.

”Try as many things as you can, don’t choose the easy way out, but also give yourself time to discover who you are.”

At TAMK, Doina did her degree in International Business and she explains her choice by referring to a character trait she was told about.

– When I was younger, someone said I might make a good manager since I had an organised mind, so I thought the IB programme would suit me just perfectly.

Training place as a run-up

After a while, the right opportunity presented itself and Doina grabbed it without hesitation. Because of the IB programme’s structure she was able to get a training place in a company.

– One of my former teachers worked for the company and the fact that he knew, what kind of a student I was, contributed to my selection. I tried my best during my training time in the company and that led to getting hired by the company. It was not a permanent position, but I ended up working there for almost two years.

That was only the stepping stone, which led to her actual position as a Sales and Purchase Manager for Haarla Oy, an international company, serving mainly the Finnish pulp and paper industry, and which has operated for nearly five decades now. They were looking for a Logistics Coordinator and the fact that Doina studied Logistics as her major, mattered a lot to them.

– I have to say that the issues we studied during the logistics courses did come in hand.


Attitude counts

One important skill Doina acquired during her studies was working in a team of people from different cultural backgrounds. It wasn’t always easy, but it taught her a lot about herself and how to keep an open mind set in life.

– I believe that more and more in today’s world, it is not so much about being an expert in logistics or marketing, but it is more about your attitude and how willing you are to learn more, how open minded you are to new things and change. From this point of view, I think I learned a great deal at TAMK.

Doina Mucundorfean is a great example of how determination, seizing the best opportunities and being open minded will get you anywhere in life, no matter the language barriers or the situations you have to face in order to succeed. The secret is to never stop learning and to seek out new experiences, rather than wait for them to happen.

– Take the opportunity and do not waste it. Go for the exchange, find a practical training that you would like and go on different courses. Try as many things as you can, don’t choose the easy way out, but also give yourself time to discover, who you are and what you are good at. Most importantly, take advantage of everything the school has to offer you, because there is more than enough. It might not challenge you too much, but you have plenty of room to challenge yourself.


  • WHO: Doina Mucundorfean
  • HOME COUNTRY: Romania
  • STUDIES: International Business
  • CURRENT POSITION: Sales and Purchase Manager for Haarla Oy


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