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Student poll: What is quality in education?

22nd July 2015 0 comment
When you buy a product, you can easily tell, whether the product has a good or bad quality. But how would you define a good quality in education? We asked the professionals i.e. students of TAMK: What in their opinion is quality teaching?

1.     Why did you choose to study at TAMK?
2.     What comes to mind when you hear the word quality?
3.     What issues bring quality into your life?


Anna_SofiaA good teacher prepares for the lessons

Anna Zsófia Rácz, 33, International Business, Hungary

1.     I worked as a bookkeeper at Nokia’s subsidiary in Budapest. I became interested in bookkeeping and accounting so I decided to apply to study Business at TAMK. I chose the English programme because my Finnish skills were not adequate.

2.     Quality of teaching, in my opinion, means the teacher prepares very well for the lesson, helps the students and listens to their needs. The services provided by the school are also very important, for instance, library, sports possibilities, guidance and counselling services and IT services.  Teachers at TAMK are very helpful and the services provided are very modern.

3.     I brought my cats, Moha and Zuzika with me from Hungary and they bring so much quality into my life.


timoPerspective of two very different education systems

Timo Methler, 25, Environmental Engineering, Germany

1.     The cooperation between Hochschule Hannover and TAMK allows me to complete two bachelor degrees from both universities with only 30 credits of extra course work.

2.     The Finnish Bachelor of engineering education focuses on team work and self-study, while the German education focuses on providing knowledge and information sources. This makes two very different “end products” (engineers). I am not sure which system is preferable, but I am just happy to experience them both.

3.     The freedom and support that students get in the 3D Printing Club and the Formula Student Team at TAMK are absolutely fantastic. The same goes to *Demola, New Factory and *Proacademy. They have brought lots of new perspectives and fun to my life.

*Read more: www.tamk.fi/en/student-projects


vernaInspirational teacher inspires students

Verna Rantala, 23, Laboratory Engineering

1.     I’m studying Laboratory Engineering because chemistry is an interesting subject. I want to study in a field, where I can do a lot of practical work.

2.     When I think of quality of teaching, professionalism and motivational teaching comes to mind. An enthusiastic teacher inspires students. In addition to teaching, it is important that things work the way they should. When the timetables are set and the requirements are clear to the students, then it’s easy for students to concentrate on learning.

3.     Studying is a big part of my life and I am really happy that I have been able to enjoy it so far. Quality of life improves significantly with all the activities organized by the student union of TAMK, including relaxing and spending quality time at the cottage.



topiQuality teaching produces professionals

Topi Niiranen, 25, Business Information Systems

1.     My profession is very interesting and it provides a lot of job opportunities. The field of Information Technology is still growing and the need for technology in different areas is spreading. I would like to develop products or services, which are important for people, because the importance of their quality cannot be underestimated.

2.     In my opinion, high quality of teaching makes future professionals. The teachers’ professional knowledge and teaching styles in my degree programme are excellent.

3.     My life is full of good things, for instance my hobbies, which directly relate to primitive times before modern technology. My hobbies are fishing, woodwork and meditation. In addition to these, my girlfriend brings joy to my life.




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